made a little more leeway on my english essay

I’m pretty sure that when I come home tonight I’ll be able to finish it off!

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a brassy, badass hip-hop rap mix for the director of SHIELD, the creator of the Avengers, a man who holds his cards close but knows exactly when to play them. [listen] [take it home]

01. We Run This - Missy Elliott
02. Dirt Off Your Shoulder - Jay-Z
03. You Know Who - T.I.
04. Power - Kanye West
05. I Am Your Leader - Nicki Minaj
06. No Church in The Wild (ft. Frank Ocean) - Kanye West & Jay Z
07. Fire Fly - Childish Gambino
08. All I Do Is Win - DJ Khaled
09. Clique (Kanye West, Jay-Z and Big Sean) - GOOD Music
10. I’m Legit (ft. Ciara) - Nicki Minaj
11. Sunrise - Childish Gambino
12. Okay Okay - Juelz Santana
13. Run This Town / Posthumus Zone [Remix] - Jay-Z, Rihanna & E.S. Posthumus

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saying someone isn’t actually asexual and they’re just being a prude more like


oohhhhhhh man

you want me to be a prude


fine I’ll be a prude I’ll be the biggest goddamn prude in the world ‘cause if I was actually having sex there would be a snowball’s chance in hell of me fucking you

ya dick



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good morniiiiing

making this sandwich was a mistake I’m about to fall asleep on it

Or the classic " when I want your opinion, I'll give it to you "

always good to go with the classics

1-800-did I fuckin’ ask for your input


I will never die, never die like you


I will never die, never die like you

yo if you see that I’ve misspelled anything when I make a post this is the Official Dom Seal of Approval to edit the post and fix my mistakes if I don’t get to them first

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